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Is Your Real Estate Agent Doing Everything Possible To Sell Your House?

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Is Your Real Estate Agent Doing Everything Possible To Sell Your House?

June 28,2016 Bill Dippo 0 comments

Imagine this scenario. It’s been 120 days since your agent put a for sale sign in your yard. On the day you hired your Realtor, he promised it would be a successful working relationship. Weeks later, this “relationship” somehow turned into a “one-night stand.” He doesn’t return your phone calls, he never drops by and now there’s a bird’s nest occupying the empty Info Box that use to hold your house’s brochures so many months ago.

In this situation, do you think your real estate agent is doing everything possible to sell your house? Of course not. This agent is certainly not worth their commission.

Work of fiction? No. There really are agents like this. Lots of them. Many homeowners find themselves in this type of situation everyday because they hired the wrong agent. Not to worry, there are good real estate agents out there too. However, it’s hard to tell the difference between a top producing agent and a non-producing agent without being able to look at their track records and sales histories. With a top producing successful real estate agent, you can expect the following level of service.

Recent Sales Track Record

You want a top producing real estate agent that has a proven track record of selling houses in your area over the last six months.

Easy to Contact

The best real estate agents communicate with their clients regularly. They give their clients multiple phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and when you leave a message or ask a question, they always respond in a timely manner.

Knows the Best Price

Good agents that can sell houses in your neighborhood, know your market and they know how to price your house. Top producing real estate agents continuously monitor the real estate market to make sure their listings stay competitive and they quickly react when the market requires it.

Provides Advice & Mentoring

Good real estate agents are experts in their field. It is their job to share that wisdom to benefit their client. They should advise you about prepping your home for sale, including improvements, repairs and enhancements. Top producing Realtors should also walk the client through the entire transaction, informing them and educating them along the way.

Great MLS Listings That Buyers Notice

It’s amazing how many bad pictures there are on our local MLS. Even worse are the listings without any pictures whatsoever. Top producing Realtors take the time to put together the best MLS listing possible. They wait for a sunny day to take pictures; write descriptions that emphasizes a house’s attractive features and keep the listing constantly updated.

Successful Marketing Techniques

Successful real estate agents promote their listings in a variety of ways that grab the buyer’s attention. Their listings show up on all the major real estate web sites, brochures boast about the house’s features, and the Info Box next to the For Sale sign is always full of pamphlets. Besides marketing to buyers, it’s also important to market to the buyer’s agents because buyer’s agents attract buyers.

Consistent Status Updates

The market is constantly changing. Successful agents position their clients to take advantage of it. They provide you with consistent market updates, share buyer feedback and log all showing activity. These factors determine the actions you have to take to stay competitive.

Client Representation

Representing the client is a very important role for a Realtor. Top producing real estate agents advise you on expert contract negotiating tactics; help you with inspections and contingencies; and make sure all the necessary paperwork is in order to ensure a successful closing.